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The Journey

Things change. Harnessing the change is what bread making is all about. You need to accept and welcome change and let time do its thing.

It was the new year. It was apparent that our time in Japan was coming to an end. It was also apparent that our homeschooling journey was also coming to an end, and knowing that I would be back in Cumbria with time on my hands, thoughts drifted to what I should do with the time.

Food and cooking has always been an interest of mine. A few years ago I got involved in one of Jamie Oliver’s campaigns to promote cooking from scratch and helped all sorts of groups of folk around West Cumbria to have a go at cooking.

Whilst we were in Japan, my cooking came to a standstill. Our kitchen was tiny, we had hardly any cupboard space and our facilities were two gas hobs and a rice cooker. I intended to learn how to cook some Japanese dishes, but apart from miso soup, (which my eldest had to practice for school), I did virtually none. We ate out a lot.

Of course, back in rural West Cumbria, we don’t have the options to eat out as we did in Yokohama, so any yummy food has to be made by us in our kitchen. I did miss cooking and when we came back to the UK last summer I spent some time with my brother and his family and taught him the basics of making bread.

So I was trawling through Twitter, looking at Real Food-type accounts, and I came across the Bread Angels, which is a network of micro bakers who bake for their local community and some teach bread making too. I found a Bread Angel in the North West, Iain Every, who was hosting a ‘Run your own Microbakery Course’ and thought I should go for it.

Here I am, a couple of months later, going for it.


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