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Summer Time!

Our first barbecue since returning from Japan

Like many other families last week, we decided to celebrate the warm weather with a barbecue. Hubby decided we should explore cooking kebabs, so we marinated some chicken in some yoghurt that Needed Eating Up and some spices, and then I put together some of these hallumi and chorizo skewers. We used up some old cabbage and some carrots by throwing together some coleslaw. Hubby also suggested I buy pitta breads to fill with our kebab delights and coleslaw, but I protested and said I would make some. So that’s what I did. It was my first time making pittas so I was a little apprehensive.

Thankfully, they worked out well

After a few minutes in the oven, they mostly puffed up and then were toasted on the barbecue.

We’ve been hosting some friends from Japan and so much of my time has been spent out and about with them or cooking for them, so my bread making has taken a back seat. It was great to get back to my yeasty magic and make something new.


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