I’ve not really written about ingredients and considering that they are fundamental to my business, I thought I should give them a mention. I get most of my ingredients in bulk from a Yorkshire-based co-operative called Suma. This means that I can get the best, often organic, often fairtrade ingredients at wholesale prices. (If any of you would like to order anything from Suma through my account, do get in touch).


Here you can see some of my white and bread flour bags. I buy these, plus the rye flour ,from Suma. I use Dove’s Farm Organics flours which are also stoneground and these retain more nutrients compared to when flour is ground with steel mills.

Other flours, such as the seeded flour mix for my seeded sourdough, I buy on an ad hoc basis from a local watermill in East Cumbria called Little Salkeld Mill. http://www.organicmill.co.uk

Harvest Flour (with seeds) and semolina that I use to ensure sourdoughs don’t stick to my baking stone.

Milk, which I used in enriched dishes such as cinnamon swirls, babka and milk bread, comes delivered by local milkman, Andy Pratt. I use oatly milk for folk who need dairy-free versions. I use use organic cheddar cheese and organic butter.

My commercial yeast also comes from Doves Farm Organics and my sourdough starters are made from Doves Farm Organic flour.

My baking cupboard

I’m going to try to deliver some more seasonal breads, so look out for seasonal additions this autumn such as pumpkin and apples.


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