New Online Bread Ordering Portal

My ordering process is nothing if not personal. I decide what to bake, text customers at the start of the week, ask that they let me know their orders within 24 hours and then panic bake at the end of the week to get it all done. The last couple of months have been busily frantic – which is super, and despite doing my best to help some customers bake their own awesome bread, the growth of my customer base is outstripping this trend. Something needed to change.

Let’s rewind a fortnight or so and I was looking at the Rate My Plate page on Facebook and saw a link to the Cockermouth Online Hub. It is an online platform for selling locally produced goods using the Open Food Network. I ordered some random but wonderful bits and pieces: bunting, mars bar cake and apples and that was me introduced to the Open Food Network.

I have now created a shop using the Open Food Network (OFN), and am excited to use it for the first time this week. I’m hoping that this will streamline the ordering process and give me greater control over how much I am baking. I’m hoping that it will also allow me to be more flexible so that I can extend my baking days into the other days when that allows.

Coming in the next few weeks will be chocolate sticks, cheese sourdoughs, stollen, the Ennerdale (made with salt and juniper seeds), and the usual staples of white and brown bread. Oh, and Japanese milk bread trefoil rolls.

So please take a look at this – the orders for Thursday and Friday will open on Monday at 0600 and close at 1800, Tuesday.



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