Prices and Allergens List

Yeasted Breads:

White loaf £2/£3 Gluten

Brown loaf £2/£3 Gluten

Apple Raisin and Oat loaf £3/£4 Gluten, Milk,

Seeded Rye (dense, German style) £2/£3 Gluten

Focaccia (20cm diameter rounds with various toppings) £2 Gluten

Yeasted Treats:

Apple and Cinnamon Babka (small) £4 Gluten, Milk, Egg

Bagels – plain/black sesame/sunflower £.0.50 each Gluten, /Sesame/

Fougasse (sprinkled with salt and rosemary ) £. 60 each Gluten

Cinnamon Swirls £1.50 each Gluten, Egg, Milk, Nut

Chelsea Buns £1,30 each Gluten, Egg, Milk


White £2/3 Gluten

Brown, (made with white, wholemeal and rye flours) £2/3 Gluten

Seeded , (including pumpkin seed, linseed and millet) £2/3 Gluten

Olive £2/3 Gluten

Tinned Tangy Wholemeal £2/3 Gluten


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